Macalolooy Martial Arts By-Laws

House Rules

1. Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know.

2. Be Respectful.

3. Be Open-minded.


Code of Conduct

1. Always be respectful.

a. Shake hands with your instructor immediately upon coming to class and before leaving.
b. Show respect to the training area by bowing before entering or exiting.
c. Treat all your training partners, fellow DD members, and Ohana with respect.
2. Be courteous, honorable and have integrity in all you do.
a. Remember you are a martial artist on and off the mat.
b. Your actions represent your instructors, fellow DD members, and school.
3. Remain humble and loyal to your lineage.
4. Seek the blessing of your instructor before entering a competition, training at another club or with an instructor outside of the Dragons Den.
b. Do not teach any of your martial arts knowledge without permission and proper credentials from your instructor.


Rules of the mat

1. Sign-in at the front desk before every class.
2. Bow when entering and exiting the mat.
3. No training in street shoes or socks on the mat. Mat (boxing/ wrestling) shoes or bare feet are acceptable.
4. Practice good health and hygiene.

a. Make sure your nails are cut and you are clean before training.
b. Make sure your gi, training clothes, mat shoes, and equipment are clean.
c. Do NOT train if you have a skin infection (Staph, ringworm, etc.) or are sick (Flu, pink eye, fever within 24 hours, etc.)
d. Do NOT train under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
5. Practice safely.
a. Sparring or live grappling only allowed with instructor approval and direct supervision.
b. Make sure all of your equipment is free of defects.
c. Never allow emotions to control your actions. “Master your emotions or they will master you.”
d. Apply pressure slowly on submission holds.
e. No egos … tap before you nap or snap.
f. Report all injuries.
6. Keep the Dragon Den clean. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
a. Put all of your personal gear and any school equipment in the proper areas.
b. NO food or drinks in the training area.
7. Be prepared at all classes with proper uniform and protective equipment.
a. Follow the dress code for class.
b. Label all of your gear.
c. If it ends up in the “lost and never found” over a week, it will be donated.
8. Remain quiet during instruction
a. Do not talk while the instructor is teaching or demonstrating
9. Dedicate yourself to the training.
a. Always do your best.
b. Practice self-discipline.
c. Come to class regularly and on time.
10. If you come to class late, do not enter the mat without permission from the instructor.
a. This means waiting on the edge of the mat for the instructor to acknowledge you.

*All Kajukenbo students must know the Student Creed, Fighting Creed, and Kajukenbo Prayer.*


Student Creed

I will work diligently to develop and strengthen my spirit, mind, and body in order to learn respect and self-discipline.

I intend to use what I learn Constructively and defensively to help myself and my loved ones.

I intend to dedicate myself to self-improvement and to improving our school.


Fighting Creed

I come as a peaceful warrior with no weapons, only my empty hands with the wish for harmony, trust, and mutual respect for all.

But, if I am ever forced to defend my family or my honor from anything that may compromise our safety or beliefs,

then God help you and forgive me, for here are my weapons my empty hands.


Kajukenbo Prayer

Almighty and Eternal God, Protector of all who put their trust in Thee Accept the humble homage of our faith and love in Thee, the one true God.

Bless our efforts to preserve the integrity of the United States, A nation founded on Christian principles, Enlighten our rules, Guide our law-makers, and protect the sanctity or our homes,

Bless our efforts in these exercises, Whose sole purpose is developing our bodies, To keep others mindful of thy commandments, Give us perseverance in our actions, So we may use this as a means to be closer to you, the one true God.


Written by Kajukenbo co-founder “Uncle” Frank Ordonez